2020 – PRESS RELEASE: An Inspirational Children’s Book! The Story that Lives in a Mother’s Heart. Best Seller! Award-Winning Finalist! A True Heartwarming Gift NOW Available Worldwide

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VERO BEACH, FL, November 25, 2020 /24-7PressRelease — “While consciously noticing ourselves in the moment, we allow ourselves to remain present and to manifest a new experience with our loved ones. This book is an expression of unconditional love and gratitude. Loving the tangible “now” distracts an old pain….” Helen Millman

For every parent who struggles to find a meaningful bond with their children, reading this book to them will be one of the most powerful connections; it will enable the giving and receiving of love through the simplest act of being together and sharing a book.

In her new book, A Mother’s Poem (Halo Publishing Hardcover Original; $19.95; Paperback; $13.95, on sale August 13, 2020), author Helen Millman will help readers embark on a journey to a deeper, more profound connection with their children, simply by reading them this book. Others found it suitable as a warming gift to their much-grown children using the words in the book to speak as their own expression of a mother’s love.

Written as a children’s book, readers have found the joy and love or even the healing that is so well expressed, in just 28 pages, to transcend its original intention.

“This book was written in love for her own sweet three boys but is a warm reminder for all of us parents that we have been given the greatest gift of our entire lives in our kids. Her line “I will caress your face and your tired cheeks; I promise not to run” brought such tears to my eyes as I transition from being a mom of little ones to a mom of teens…” Lynn DeVane Rummel / Teacher

This book is short and sweet and incredibly profound. It will bring together the reader and those being read to in a most powerful way – the power of love and support, every time one returns to it.

Millman’s words and the beautiful illustrations that complement them makes this a book that families will want to return to again and again, as it facilitates the positive expression of love so easily.

Already Halo’s October’s Best Seller and Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the 2020 Best Book Awards — sponsored by American Book Fest. This book is available online at:

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