For Immediate Release

By Helen Millman

Illustrated by Chad Perry

Halo Publishing International

ISBN 978-1612448800/$16.96

A Mother's Poem Childrens Book, by Helen Millman
There is nothing greater than a mother’s love.  In A Mother’s Poem, a children’s book designed for children and parents alike and an American Book Fest “Children’s Mind-Body-Spirit” Award Winning Finalist, author Helen Millman opens her heart.  Colorfully illustrated and in easy-to-read and thought-provoking meter, A Mother’s Poem expresses a mother’s deep love and appreciation for her children and the gifts they give back.  

During the pandemic, Millman began writing a thank you note to her children after Mother’s Day when something started pouring out of her.  She then realized she had a message she wanted to share. Particularly as many parents today are confronted with the additional task of managing their children’s online schooling with work and other responsibilities, A Mother’s Poem reminds parents and teaches children to:
  • Be present in the moment
  • Remember the joy we bring to each other
  • Cherish the small things we sometimes take for granted
  • Recognize our own magnificence
  • Trust our own decision making
  • Be thankful for each and every day together

For every parent who struggles to find a meaningful bond with their children, reading this book to them will be one of the most powerful connections; it will enable the giving and receiving of love through the simplest act of being together and sharing a book.  

About the Author

Helen Millman has three boys ages five, ten and fifteen.  She and her husband own and manage their restaurant Wood N Spoon and Millman is Executive Producer of the Asbury Shorts USA Vero Beach.  Self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment are the foundations from which her creative themes arise. A Mother’s Poem is Millman’s first book.  She and her family reside in Vero Beach, FL. 


Helen Millman

Editorial Reviews

Book Review, Ann Collins

A Mother’s Poem written by Helen Millman, is an inspirational children’s book about motherhood, family, and love. Millman notes that this story is “…an expression of unconditional love and gratitude,” and this becomes obvious when you read her book. Not only do the illustrations,

Reader View Kids, Review

A Mother’s Poem Helen Millman Halo Publishing International (2020) ISBN: 9781612448800 Reviewed by Rachel Dehning and Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (2/21) “A Mother’s Poem” by Helen Millman is the heart-felt work of a mother who wishes for her children to know